Approved Montessori learning tower
Approved Montessori learning tower
Approved Montessori learning tower
Approved Montessori learning tower
Approved Montessori learning tower
Approved Montessori learning tower
Approved Montessori learning tower

Approved Montessori learning tower

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Our learning tower is approved (CE label), quality controls by a certified laboratory, include resistance and stability tests, guarantee the safety of your child in any situation.

Manufactured in our workshop in Spain.

Advantages of using the tower:

• Stimulating motor skills is vital for boys and girls
develop control of your body movements. It also helps
integrate into their environment through exploration and discovery.

Autonomy and freedom: having the ability to move freely and decide what
learn and when to do it. In this way, your

Sensory stimulation: the benefit of the little ones experiencing
with daily household tasks is greater than we think. Promote
That, for example, cooking or cleaning with adults stimulates them positively.

• Feeling of self-esteem : when children see that they are capable
By doing things on their own they develop perseverance and self-confidence.
It is enriching that they face possible situations of frustration so that
know how they can manage them to face any challenge until
achieve it.

Imagination : the same task can be performed in many different ways.
Among the infinite possibilities, the little ones will be able to fly their
imagination to decipher the resolution mode that best suits your
capabilities or abilities.

Socialization : educational furniture allows for multiple activities
individually or as a family. In addition, they promote language development
and improve both the affectivity in boys and girls, as well as the relationship and
Communication between parents and children.

It can be adjusted in height, in a simple way, easily adapting to needs.

Made of Calabó wood, which makes it resistant and light, facilitating its movement.

Measurements : 52cm long x 40cm deep x 90cm high.

Material : Plywood. Colorless varnish finish with EN71-3 certificate (suitable for toys)
*Assembly required

Standards of reference:
UNE-EN 71-1:2015+A1:2019
UNE-EN 71-2:2021
UNE-EN 71-3:2020+A1:2021
UNE-EN 71-8:2019
UNE-EN ISO 12100:2012
UNE-EN ISO 7010:2020


The product you are seeing is made by hand. When using wood as the main material, it may have small variations or imperfections. These do not affect the usefulness or safety of the product in any way. In any case, check the product before use and do not hesitate to contact us.

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