Why do we use plywood?

We use plywood as the main material of all our products. 

The choice of this material has been thanks to the fact that it offers numerous advantages, among which are:

1. Does not splinter . Unlike other types of wood such as pine, fir, among others.

2. Does not bend . The wood, having alternating grains, provides rigidity and durability.

3. Does not crack. Solid wood has only one grain direction and is more susceptible to warping and cracking.

4. It doesn't weigh . Timber  Plywood is characterized by its lightness, therefore each child can play and move it with total autonomy.

The varnish we use on our products is water-based and ecological. 

It complies with EN 71-3 , a series of European standards that establish safety requirements. This, specifically, determines that the varnish does not release toxic or harmful elements, being safe and suitable for children's use. 

Its benefits are:

1. Durability . They can withstand active play and daily wear and tear for longer.

2. Hygiene . Clogs pores, creating a smoother and easier to clean surface.

3. Moisture resistance . Protects wood in humid environments or contact with liquids.