About us


We are Evoland , a craft workshop located in Barcelona. We are dedicated to the design, creation and manufacture of evolutionary materials aimed at enriching and stimulating the development of the little ones during their childhood.👶👧🧒

We want to offer a quality and durable product. Timeless products without fads or expiration dates. For us, the use of resistant and sustainable materials that respect our environment is very important. We opt for a model without intermediaries, all the products we offer are designed and manufactured by us.🪵🔨

As with our products, we have experimented and played with various materials and techniques to learn and test our knowledge. This philosophy allows us to find a balance between technology and craftsmanship , streamlining processes without ever losing the essence of handmade products.

We are happy to know that we are contributing to a respectful upbringing, full of values ​​and in harmony. We want our products to help create an oasis away from screens, where creativity, imagination and autonomy are encouraged, allowing children to experiment, play and learn at their own pace.🌿

⏹️⏺️🔼The design and basic shape of our products allows each child to interact in a different and intuitive way. This is why we consider them evolutionary materials, since they adapt to the individual needs of each child at all times, from physical, cognitive to emotional. We seek to create an environment with resources that support comprehensive development.

🙏We deeply value the opportunity to work with people and organizations that share our vision and values. So do not hesitate to contact us for any questions we can help you with.💬

We are here to provide you with support and the resources you need for your project!🙌