Montessori Triple Wall Shelf
Montessori Triple Wall Shelf
Montessori Triple Wall Shelf

Montessori Triple Wall Shelf

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Furniture designed to promote the autonomy and independence of children in their learning process.

Generally, these shelves are usually placed at a low height, allowing children to access books and toys independently.

Specific materials are placed that are designed to stimulate different areas of child development, such as coordination, logic, concentration and creativity.

These objects can be changed periodically to maintain the interest and curiosity of children.

Measurements : 50cm wide, 80cm high, 10cm deep.

Material : Plywood. Natural finish.

* Assembly required

The product you are seeing is made by hand. When using wood as the main material, it may have small variations or imperfections. These do not affect the usefulness or safety of the product in any way. In any case, check the product before use and do not hesitate to contact us.

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